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The ease of white label.
The impact of customization.

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Mobile screen of Starlight Finance.
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Build your Fintech platform in days instead of months with our ever-growing list of integrations

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Pluggable Components
Accelerate Fintech Product Creation

With Linker Finance you can shorten time-to-market with compliant, reliable code that’s: FLEXIBLE • EXPANDABLE • CUSTOMIZABLE

Supported Integrations and Products you can build with Linker Finance (for mobile screen).Supported Integrations and Products you can build with Linker Finance

Your Partner for Strategic Differentiation in Fintech

We created Linker Finance based on years of experience building custom fintech products for some of the world’s most demanding clients.

Starlight Finance Web and App screens.

Do It Your Way, Without Spending a Fortune

Leverage our stable, flexible, and vendor-agnostic platform and fast-track a purpose-built fintech product that delivers competitive differentiation.

Choose Your Core Features
With Linker you can select the features you want, from digital banking to secured payment cards, lending, embedded fintech and more.

Pick Your Style
Go with one of our pre designed key flows, which you can fully customize to fit with your branding and use case.

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Work with Your Preferred Providers
Integrate with the providers you want, without waiting.

Plug and Play Integrations
We are always adding new integrations. If we don’t already have the integrations you need, we will add the providers you want at no extra cost.


Ready? Let’s Go

We offer a range of turn-key SaaS solutions, available with a range of subscription plans. Our straightforward licensing and pricing model starts at a base level, with add-ons available.


Transform your  platform with a fintech product that meets your requirements.

Secured /
Prepaid Card

Accelerate your revenue growth with our essential card issuance solution.

Personal Finance Management

Drive revenue growth and build better customer relationships with our PFM solution.


Delight your customers with a wide range of customized financial services.

A Win-Win for Fintech Businesses

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Speed to Market

Realize your fintech product vision quickly with pre-built designs, integrations, and features.

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Our subscription model lets you scale economically and at your own pace.

Ongoing-Icon box

Ongoing Support

We provide you with full support, including security updates and more.

Operate-Icon box

Operate Independently

Run your product your way, analyzing user behaviors.

Your User-Icon box

Your Users. Your Data.

Keep control over your user information and private data.

Secure-Icon box

Stay Secure

We provide extensive security services and controls.

Next-Level Customization

Get custom, without the expensive, months-long cycles you go through with a fintech developer that has to start from scratch.

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